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Advanced Polygraph Services

We provide the most advanced polygraph services in the world

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Legal Research and Writing
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Our team comprises specialists for companies and private businesses

About Us

AS Polygraph Institute is a leading and advanced polygraph institute in

Israel and throughout Europe, providing services 24/7 to anywhere in

Europe and around the world.

We believe that proactive and innovative polygraph testing activities in organizations create a new reality, producing high norms and standards of reliability, professionalism, and integrity.

Particularly suitable for reliable tests for job applicants, periodic checks for employees in hotels or casinos to prevent theft,

tests for nursing staff in nursing homes to prevent violence, tests for management and employees in companies and organizations to prevent information leakage, fraud and deception, tests for domestic workers, to private home maintenance and security, between spouses on suspicion of infidelity, inheritance or arbitration and for the purposes of negotiations between businessmen.

Our tests in AS Polygraph Institute performed at the highest level,

all the institute tests are computerized and professional with the best

equipment in the field, using the world's most advanced device from

Paragon Canada, with the option of 14 sensors per test, to find out

if someone is lying and not telling the truth.

During the test the device receives involuntary physiological responses

from the subject connected to the device and is even designed to detect

intentional disturbances of the subject during the test or attempted

injury during the test.

When someone told a lie the device immediately translates into a

graphical chart the physiological responses that the subject has no control over such as: change in respiratory rate, increase in pulse rate, change in blood pressure, electrical conductivity in the skin, sweating, buttock contraction and other movements.

The device picks up the involuntary reactions when lying and it is not possible to fake or cheat in a test that is performed at such a high level.

During the professional experience that we have acquired we have learned how to combine high professional standards with meticulous and prompt attention to the specific needs of our clients.

The institute's services are provided to the most stringent international standards, with uncompromising determination and seriousness.

We accompany our clients with high availability 24/7 with quality translators

working in all languages ​​and all over the world.

We have the ability to work in any country and achieve results to reach the truth.

At the end of the test, an orderly opinion and a summary report of the test results are sent by e-mail to superiors within 24 hours of the performance.

The tests can be performed once every six months or once a year, according to the decision of the management.

There is no need for a special permit to perform the polygraph examination by law but only with the consent of the owner and the consent of the employee.

At the AS Institute, we are committed to the lowest price on the market and to continuous work from the beginning of the activity until the end of

all the employees in the organization.

We are here for you in Europe and all over the world to assist you

in any purpose you need.

Our Advantages

Globalization concept

Worldwide Service

Yellow Envelope

Service and Results

Digital Work

Long-term Evidance


Commit to the lowest price

The Director


Shlomit Polak

Shlomit Polak is the CEO and founder of AS polygraph institute

She is a graduate of three service units in the field units of the Israeli army,

which has been trained as a certified polygraph examiner

by the National Unit for Investigations and Security in Israel.

Over the years, she was worked in classified and secret activities

and gained extensive experience in the field of investigations, security and

the polygraph in cooperation and work with security bodies in Israel

and around the world.

She is an expert in the field of polygraph, questioning and gathering information while applying advanced and sophisticated methods for the purpose of presenting the truth.

Shlomit holds a certificate of excellence and a certificate of honor from the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Ruby Rivlin, for her intensive and complex activity in exposing corruption and criminal offenses in medical institutions in Israel.


She creates working relationships while working with prestigious companies and organizations in Israel and throughout Europe, while adhering to strict work norms and international standards.

Availability, creativity and determination are at the forefront of its operations, it provides polygraph services in all countries of the world and in any language, while working professionally and collaborating with skilled and professional translators and researchers all over the world to perform any task and achieve results in any situation.

We are here for you 24/7

Contact Us

Thank you, we will contact you soon.

Polak Shlomit

Israel: 18 Haoren St. Kiryat Atta

Phone: +972-50-6248153



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